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Mobile and online initiatives bring education to more students

By September 19th, 2012No Comments

Not every American family can afford high speed internet and wireless connections in their homes. In communities where underprivileged children make up a large percentage of a school district's population, it serves the interest of its pupils to provide technological advantages to help these young people succeed. That sentiment is stronger in some regions than others, but those looking for alternative teaching tools and methods to expedite this quest have found that mobile learning and eLearning development can provide many of the educational benefits they are seeking.

New learning outlooks
Students in New Rochelle, NY have been using laptops provided by the school district as part of a program to increase technological savvy and overall resource availability to students for the last few years. The district is comprised of 40 percent English as a second language students and economic demographics show much of the student body is impoverished, according to The Journal, meaning that the school is creating advantages for students who would never have them otherwise.

Most recently, though, the school board helped fund WiFi spots around town to create a comfortable learning environment for students trying to get online and use mobile learning solutions outside the classroom. New Rochelle Talk wrote that the move will also help provide internet access in the homes of students who qualify for the program. Additional laptops are being sought for pupils as well to boost eLearning development adoption.

Better teaching methods
Providing students with these opportunities can help them do better in classes and learn skills they can use later in life they may never have gained otherwise, The Journal wrote. The use of custom training software by the district, as well as increased access to these tools whenever students need them, will create a culture of constant learners.

The district has shown that investing in its students is one of the best strategies for improving the futures of individuals enrolled in their programs and the school itself. Existing in a demographically challenging area means catering to the people in attendance, giving them tools that best fit their learning styles and create an environment conducive to engaged learning.

Businesses of all kinds can appreciate these benefits. Mobile apps allow training and educational materials to be delivered any time and any place. CSE Software Inc. can provide mobile app solutions for any audience, no matter what the topic. Organizations that embrace mobile apps can make reaching educational goals far easier and cost-efficient for students and staff alike.

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