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Mobile app succeeds where doctors fail

By June 15th, 2012No Comments

The Journal of Royal Society of Medicine reported that patients immediately forget anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of all medical advice a doctor offers as soon as they step out of the office. This leaves a niche market for mobile app development to step in and help doctors provide better care for their patients.

Some companies have already tried to make apps available for download on Android and Apple phones. These apps provide audio and video content focused on teaching patients about various maladies, but for doctors who aren't yet using these programs, they're missing out on a key eLearning development opportunity.

Creating short eLearning modules or providing custom mobile programs can remind patients after they've left the office about the name of their illness, symptoms to expect, medications they've been prescribed and additional treatment information. Computerworld points out that this could be of particular use to postoperative patients who've been released from a hospital. These apps could even be programmed to send alerts to the mobile device to ensure patients remember to not drink or eat before a procedure.

CSE Software Inc. can create both eLearning modules and mobile apps that can be delivered via any device. Doctors can easily explain instructions and medical information to patients, and be ensured that patients have access to the information anytime and anyplace. Patients can view the information and instructions as many times as needed whether at home or on the go. Let CSE help you develop the right eLearning and mobile apps to reach and educate patients.

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