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Mobile apps help learners on the go

By June 25th, 2012No Comments

Even while working at the local office it's not uncommon to run into those who speak English as a second language. Business owners themselves may be looking to learn another language to facilitate commerce in other countries or network with customers who prefer another language. Companies can invest in mobile app development to offer technical support to employees dedicated to learning a new language.

Language on the go

According to The Droid Guy, mobile app development can assist not only those looking to brush up on languages they may have learned in the past, but how they can acquire entirely new skills with programs they can access through their phones. Since the proliferation of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones is on the rise for both businesses and consumers, it makes sense for companies to pursue mobile opportunities like Android (and Apple) app development.

Military grade learning

The U.S. Army is not only a global presence but a worldwide user of mobile app development. It includes a mobile learning contingency for personnel both at home and overseas, allowing them to get critical training wherever and whenever possible. These apps include not only survival, tactical and confidential information, but also offer instruction for soldiers in non-English-speaking countries. These tools show off the power and versatility of mobile app development – if the Army counts on this technology to teach our best defenders how to better perform while on duty, the potential for other business models is unlimited.

CSE Software Inc. is ready to help you engineer a custom mobile app experience to fit your business needs. Whether it's teaching personnel a new language, helping them understand customer service interactions or managing other job functions, giving your staff the ability to learn on the go will expand their horizons and give you a faster return on your investment.

Contact Stacey Burris at or 1.309.670.7595 and ask for a mobile app development demo today!