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Mobile education could reach more people than ever

By July 23rd, 2012No Comments

Crafting a learning experience isn't just about the content that goes into the courses, it's how the training is delivered as well as how it's received. Working on programs for obsolete technology wouldn't make much sense to anyone, be they an IT professional or a CIO, so learning the habits and proclivities of participants and working toward those strengths can help generate more success for a new initiative.

To that end, mobile app development is gaining increased traction with public entities and private corporations alike, as more consumers own phones than ever before and use them on a regular basis. Studying the habits of those within an organization can similarly give management a good idea of how to direct custom training software so as to ensure the highest level of adoption.

Planning for scale

Coordinating a successful learning program is essential for making sure that staff know all necessary guidelines and are able to perform to a specified standard, but businesses can see a higher return on investment if they also shape these programs to match cost-effective teaching strategies. One of the leaders in this category is mobile app development, allowing students to learn wherever and whenever they please right from a personal smartphone or tablet device.

More people than ever are falling into this category, according to a report from The World Bank. The source stated that more than 6 billion people currently own mobile phones and other technology, with more than two-thirds of owners residing in developing nations. That means a business could theoretically spread their corporate message to people around the world with the right mobile app development training software. Making modules appealing to internal trainees as well as the public in general could raise visibility, enhance public image and create a global culture within the workplace by integrating international participation.

"Mobile communications offer major opportunities to advance human and economic development," said Rachel Kyte of World Bank in a Silicon Republic report. "The challenge now is to enable people, businesses, and governments in developing countries to…take full advantage of these opportunities."

Achieving momentum

Many of these training programs have already had success within organizations currently using mobile app development, some in tandem with eLearning development as well. Giving employees and consumers a way to fit training into a personal schedule or on the go from a personal PC or phone will boost participation through ease of access.

Companies are in need of programs like these, especially for specialized cases where no current mobile app development exists. The Sacramento Bee reported that the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center is seeking just such a development to assist with stroke patient care and research. The group involved is pursuing a grant to help with their research, an app that could create new opportunities for those afflicted by the disease.

The medical field has already seen positive results from the use of mobile app development training, according to Newswise. Some hospitals and medical training centers have linked their learning libraries in such a way that physicians can access data at any time from their phones or tablets. Used in tandem with in-house training and regular review, these mobile resources have proven to be particularly effective in speeding the educational progress of surgeons and doctors at the University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School.

Industries of all kinds can benefit from putting essential training and information into a mobile platform, reachable by more than 6 billion people around the world. These tools can benefit internal practices as well as public relations, making them a vital tool to employers and their staff. CSE Software Inc. can create the best specialized mobile app development options for a business and tailor it to any learning topic or environment desired.

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