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Mobile learning deployments bring education to the needy

By November 26th, 2012No Comments

In some parts of the world, going to school can be not just inconvenient, it may be outright life-threatening. In war zones and polarized nations, walking down the street is enough to warrant targetting, meaning many may lose out on these vital mobile teaching assets for fear they might be killed. Finding ways to deliver educational access to those who need it most is critical, but until recently, few options existed.

Mobile learning tools are usable in the international market thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices. On a global scale, nearly every person possesses a cellular device, be it a standard phone, a smartphone or a tablet – all of these serve as a gateway to these kinds of mobile educational opportunities.

Getting to students
In the past, traditional teaching methods were the only options available in many parts of the world because computers were too expensive. However, mobile phones are becoming increasingly less expensive, and network coverage is more available in every part of the world.

Now these same tools could prove priceless in delivering educational opportunities to those who would lose out on them otherwise. In some parts of the world, it has become a life-threatening practice to go to school, but these mobile teaching resources provide a way of taking courses from home.

Events in Afghanistan recently highlighted the struggle of women in that nation, where militants target females seeking education for attacks specifically. After one girl was critically harmed and others received chemical burns simply attempting to attend school, mobile learning deployments started to move more aggressively into the region.

According to, literacy drives in Afghanistan are getting mobile learning to women and providing mobile phones to those lacking such resources. The source stated that mobile training tools were expected to keep individuals safe while providing benefits that would have been impossible years ago. On top of that, because many of these women are already familiar with how to operate these devices, using them to learn and participating in educational opportunities will be much easier.

Expanding boundaries and minds
As the chance to learn moves to new levels and touches more people's lives, so too does the potential of these mobile training developments to become increasingly integral to private corporations and public institutions. The Sacramento Bee wrote Ambient Insight is projecting a global hike in mobile learning success over the next few years.

The biggest improvement in the mobile sector is that location-based learning is now a more substantial point of interest and companies of all kinds to turn their eLearning developments into custom training software for consumers. In other words, Ambient Insights explained, shoppers can learn more about products on their cell phones while standing in a store deciding whether or not they want to make a purchase. They can also find devices that complement mobile training, get tips on how to care for these mobile devices and search for other educational opportunities related to training and education for smartphones and tablets.

Companies can charge for this access or provide it for free as part of making a purchase, but the advertising and revenue-raising capabilities of such options speak for themselves. Those interested in harnessing such utility and making more informed customers out of their existing consumer base may see better loyalty figures.

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