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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning offers tremendous benefits, especially to younger employees

By March 6th, 2012No Comments

Workplace training is largely about getting employees to fit into certain molds and understand particular kinds of information. However, some of the most successful instructional programs involve finding out what delivery methods are the most appropriate for a workforce and determining how to best give information to employees.

This is particularly true when it comes to technology because workers of various ages respond differently to digital devices. Older workers, for instance, often need more rigorous custom training software to work effectively with new technology, while younger personnel may have experience with computers and new technology.

In addition to past experience, younger staff members may also prefer to be trained using modern technology. A recent survey by Workplace Options shows employees will be more likely to embrace training programs made available on mobile devices and geared toward that kind of usage in the future. Here are the results of the study, along with some options for how to best implement them in the context of mobile app development.

Training value
An important part of information communication is making employees value the training they're receiving. Thankfully, a whopping 75 percent of workers aged 18 to 29 said they would be more likely to see the value of training programs if they were made available on mobile devices. This indicates companies with younger personnel should not only make smart phones and tablets a part of training exercises – they should additionally allow remote training seminars and lessons to be held whenever possible.

Time consumption
Another facet of young workers' opinions on training is it ought to be brief. Some 63 percent of respondents felt the less time training took, the more likely they would be to make solid efforts at it. Consequently, training via mobile app development is in part so efficient because it can be conducted on the go and at a company's convenience.

One skill young workers indicated they'd appreciate being taught is communication with their managers and supervisors. Interestingly, 95 percent said they felt they'd be able to more effectively communicate with their superiors if training helped them build communication skills. Smart phones and mobile devices are an ideal option for this kind of instruction, so the addition of mobile app development shouldn't prove difficult.

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