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Mobile Development

Mobile revolution bringing eLearning to everyone

By June 4th, 2012No Comments

In the past few years, cell phones and smartphones have made their way into the hands of a huge part of the world's population. Now, some businesses are pursuing eLearning development to bridge different phone interfaces and make the technology all-inclusive.

Similar to the launch of multi-browser applications that allow programmers to make software for various web access tools at once (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), many companies are looking for mobile app development to go in a multi-phone direction. No single phone company owns exclusive rights over the market – Apple, Android, Blackberry and others all have different operating systems and not all software can migrate between them. This means if a company purchases pre-made eLearning modules for iPhone OS use, Android users can't access the programs.

Technology is now available that allows mobile apps to be developed for Android and Apple devices. From phones to tablets, mobile apps can run across multiple platforms when you develop with the right team. CSE Software Inc. can develop mobile apps to train, educate or entertain.

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