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Mobile solutions for training and HR

By May 23rd, 2012No Comments

As more businesses integrate standard bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, companies are learning to shift their focus to more innovative workforce management and custom training software.

New mobile technologies are required to keep up training practices, according to a Nucleus study, "Technology Value Matrix for Workforce Management," published by ADP. The findings showed that the custom software solutions with the best value took continued training and eLearning development into account, a signpost for businesses that are considering moving toward mobile solutions as well.

"The time clock is dead," said Kronos vice president Rebecca Wettemann in an interview with SearchFinancial. "It's now about mobile devices and kiosks and allowing managers to do sophisticated scheduling."

In response to this push, some companies are already putting out programs that allow HR to manage timesheets and schedules from mobile devices. Heightened visibility, communication and compatibility will be key to getting workers active in using new systems, and training will be needed to get them started. This new wave of remote accessibility is triggering mobile development training for a variety of different markets, and companies should be mindful when shopping for custom training software that solutions should incorporate as many parts of the business team as possible to standardize and streamline training.

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