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Mobile solutions take hold for early development

By June 27th, 2012No Comments

The majority of Americans own phones, and while not all these devices are smartphones, the number of teenagers and those even younger with access to the technology is ever on the rise. Some schools are making use of these devices and viewing them as an opportunity for learning rather than the bane of the educational process. Incorporating things students already are familiar with and enjoy doing will make them better learners, so investing in mobile app development is a smart move for any institution looking for an improved way to educate.

Targeting the audience

One of the obstacles schools have to overcome in particular in terms of holding a student's attention is how to achieve this while protecting them from online security threats. One school found an innovative way of honing in on engagement while blocking outside access to its pupils.

The Katy Independent School District in Texas gave smartphones to all its fifth graders in an attempt to enhance the learning experience but not without taking precautions with the devices first. According to Forbes, the school didn't hook the devices to an outside network so texting and calling were impossible. All students could do with them was academic in nature – creating reports, writing reports and feedback, as well as communicating with teachers outside regular class time for extra help and support.

Companies looking to get involved in similar dedicated programs should look into mobile app development that targets employees in the same manner. CSE Software Inc. can help provide you with custom training software for Android or iPhone that focuses on enhanced communication and resource tools so that workers get the most out of the experience.

A subjective matter

Giving people the option of working on their own devices isn't enough though, according to the Huffington Post. People often want to individualize their educational experience, similar to their drive to personalize devices.

Software solutions and mobile app development should target specific devices users own, but it should also allow for different learning styles within the format of the program. Some users are more comfortable taking courses from home, for instance – a flexibility that mobile devices easily provide. In other cases, participants in eLearning courses want to be able to access outside information or additional information to better understand what they've been taught. Providing these utilities is essential to gaining the best return on investment and maintaining an satisfied workforce.

No matter which direction you choose to go, look to CSE to develop the right mobile solutions. Educating students or employees can be easily accomplished when you work with an experienced team like CSE.

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