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Mobility for students of all ages may soon be a reality

By August 28th, 2012No Comments

As mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets become more a part of most people's everyday lives, software developers and technology specialists are looking for ways to incorporate their programs into these tools. Creating solutions that cater to the most popular access methods means more people are willing and able to use them, so designing mobile training apps specifically to meet this increasing market is a good strategy.

Some institutions are even planning on it specifically. Virtual College wrote that the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University in Minnesota has just launched a Bachelor of Science degree for mobile computing, showing that institutions truly value this path and see it as a valuable asset in the future. Institutions of all kinds can find value in custom training software, especially when hosted on a platform so many people already appreciate.

New push for training

Many systems now exist online, and these sites and resources are largely accessible through mobile devices. The purpose of specifically designing for these tools however increases ease of use and makes users more likely to access them frequently, as opposed to tools designed for the web that may be harder to manipulate through a different interface. Increased focus on these developments is adding emphasis to mobile training solutions.

The rise of mobile app development for educational purposes has been a long time coming, but now it appears that the use of this platform is picking up speed. Virtual Strategy Magazine wrote that some schools are looking for comprehensive educational alternatives to traditional K-through-12 classrooms, and mobile devices are earning more attention to fill the gap. The use of iPad app development has been increasing in schools as well, the source reported, pointing out that this popular tool can be both a personal entertainment device as well as a rich resource for growth. Children frequently use these tools already for a variety of applications, so it shouldn't be difficult to integrate educational software into this setting.

CSE Software Inc. designs custom solutions for businesses across industry lines that can tap into this desire for mobile app development, broadening the reach of teaching tools and creating a more receptive audience. These solutions are also flexible and easy to use, so implementing them within different departments or for different levels of experience is simple.

A path to success

Some may be concerned about finding the best way to launch and administer a mobile training solution, as it is a new interface that not all users will be familiar with. The best method to stay on track with coursework is to create a map of classes, showing a progression from introduction to conclusion, so learners know where they are in the educational track.

The Sacramento Bee reported that it's important for organizations with mobile training apps to build these structures or find a company to assist them with planning. That way, human resources and management personnel can more easily manage students and gear them toward advancement. By helping participants grasp and utilize mobile solutions, they not only help these individuals gain new skills, they also create better internal assets for corporate innovation.

"These students are at the center of mobile development," Benjamin Ola, dean of the Walker School told IT News Online. "Their computing knowledge and technical understanding will allow them to move an organization into the mobile computing arena."

Whether you need an app designed for a classroom full of students or to educate staff and clients, CSE Software can define and develop a solution that fits your organization’s need and budget.

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