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Move to mobile gets added momentum

By September 25th, 2012No Comments

Any organization uncertain about the future of the business environment need only look around most offices today and catch a glimpse of what sorts of technology are being used. In the past, only bulky PC monitors and oversized computers decorated office desks, but now the workplace has gone mobile in many places. Tablets and smartphones are making it possible to get access to company documents and work tools without having to be tied to a desk all day.

Acceptance of this technology was slow at first, but recent market indicators show that adoption is picking up in a remarkable way. As more mobile app development rises to meet this change in the industry, so will learning elements be increasing in demand by these companies interested in integrating new and old tools in the work landscape.

Building greater utility through accessibility
One of the reasons that may have been holding companies back from placing more faith in mobile app development was the ability to integrate work experiences seamlessly. Businesses figured that if they already had working solutions there was no need to invest in mobile systems that may not interact properly with existing tools. Even recent adopters may have had issues getting every computer and mobile operating system into an unified eLearning environment due to programming or compatibility issues.

Now, more businesses are finding ways to integrate their solutions and make them work for every member of the organization, regardless of what technology they are using to access systems. PCWorld wrote that Intel plans to push more HTML5 use in its future releases, and that developers should be pursuing these construction basics in order to promote universal access. Suites built in this context have a greater chance of being easily accessible and usable by PC and mobile users, the source stated, making custom training software more appealing to businesses and their staff.

Adoption predicted to boom
In response to the addition of better collaboration tools, more mobile devices and compatible apps are being created than ever before. According to RedOrbit, the industry is on the brink of a productivity explosion, with figures expected to double in the coming year.

The source reported that a Gartner survey projected the number of downloaded apps this year is set to be twice of last year's total, with the final amount exceeding 45 billion globally. This includes free consumer programs and corporate and pay-for experiences, showing that the marketplace of mobile app development is picking up steam in a remarkable way.

Gartner forecasted that this momentum is nowhere near spent either, with up to 300 billion annual downloads expected by 2016. As smartphones become more popular and available around the world, so too is the reach of these programs expected to grow, potentially allowing the forecasted figures to be exceeded, RedOrbit wrote.

Getting in on the mobile craze now can help a company establish itself as an industry leader and tap into a world of customer and employee data previously thought impossible to obtain. Companies like CSE Software Inc. can easily create custom mobile apps that cater to individual business needs, focusing on internal resources and still providing the convenience and utility of online and mobile connectivity. Increasing productivity and collaboration on a global scale is made much easier with mobile app development from CSE. The mobile development team can help your organization define and design the right mobile apps for your needs and budget.

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