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Mobile Learning

National literacy initiative shows benefits of mobile learning

By April 17th, 2012No Comments

We Give Books, a non-profit collaboration between Penguin Publishing Group and the Pearson Foundation has began its ReadMobile tour which will appear at 25 schools across the United States in the coming months. The organization has planned special children's literacy events and will offer classrooms access to hundreds of eBooks available on computers and mobile devices.

We Give Books highlights the availability of technology to increase interest in literacy. A report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center suggests that benefits of mobile app development on student learning includes increased remote access to course materials, the supplementation and integration of classroom learning environments and an ability for learners to customize their studies.

Software development companies can offer customizable applications in order to best target student needs and supplement desired learning outcomes. We Give Books is one great resource to build strategies for childhood literacy, as it offers access to children's eBooks at a variety of reading levels, highlighting works of fiction and nonfiction. Schools can best take advantage of these projects by supplementing access to these materials with a variety of mobile applications to support childhood literacy.

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