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Never too young to benefit from online training

By June 21st, 2012No Comments

Schools are no stranger to the uses of online training, and subsequently more students are gaining practical skills employers seek by using custom training software through sponsored educational programs. Thanks to eLearning development, young people can reap the benefits of online learning before they enter the workplace, making it easier for employers to find qualified candidates as well as helping new workers understand electronic training modules these businesses also use.

School is cool

Public schools at the K-12 level are more frequently looking for eLearning development to assist with new educational programs. These initiatives also extend possibilities to those who usually wouldn't receive them while offering increased learning opportunities to students choosing to participate.

Pantagraph magazine reported that summer school classes are now being given to students using online learning platforms not only to make accessibility easier for these remedial courses but also to save schools money. Children can meet learning metric and testing requirements in an easily measurable structure. Schools won't need to spend money on maintenance for the building as well as meals or transportation for students.

"[Online learning] has worked pretty well for us," said Brad Hutchinson, superintendent at an Illinois high school using online learning for their summer courses. "The students like the flexibility of online, and at the same time like having the support of a teacher."

Full circle training

Because students are already familiar with online learning programs, it's easy to see why offering custom training software to teens and young adults is a targeted way of imparting essential skills.

New Hampshire has seen success offering courses to participants 16 and up according to Seacoast Online. These training modules teach practical proficiency in areas like clerical and basic computer use. They're not only available to students entering the workplace for the first time, but also to unemployed or underemployed adults who could benefit from gaining new abilities. These online modules make it easy for adult users to access them anywhere and at any time, meaning they can enhance their resumes without missing work.

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