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Simulator Development

New Hampshire police use simulators for decision making and driving training

By April 30th, 2012No Comments

Police in Rochester, New Hampshire, have begun training on simulators that combine virtual worlds with on-the-job equipment in order to prepare for dangerous real life situations. Though it may look like a state of the art video game, this simulator development technology may just save an officer's life one day.

Rochester police will undergo two training sections. The first is a firearms and use of lethal force training, which measures accuracy and split-second decision making strategies through technology linked to a pistol. The second is a driving simulator that replicates the cruisers the department uses. Officers will learn how to respond to a variety of situations and conditions, targeting safety, accuracy and procedures.

Custom software development companies can work with police and other emergency first responders to build software for their individual training needs. When it comes to police driving safety and the use of lethal force, all officers should have sufficient experience so that when they encounter these situations in real life, they can protect the citizens and themselves. 

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