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New immersive simulation educates machinists

By June 1st, 2012No Comments

Simulation development has reached a new level with software that provides users the opportunity to interact with complex machines in a realistic 3D environment.

Simulator development can branch out among different industries that require diverse technical training. Incorporating tutorials directly into the program will guide workers as they gain increasing competence and confidence with materials and tools they will need to work with on a regular basis.

This type of experience is beneficial because a simulator can be used in a "learn by playing" capacity, increasing the level of participant engagement and subsequent retention, Basque Research reports. This strategy is good for all companies employing simulation opportunities to remember – as more employees accept and enjoy a learning module, the likelihood grows that they are fostering real-world skills.

Simulation development can offer companies the kind of immersive learning experience that will encourage higher participation and retention, creating a positive return on investment for employees. CSE Software Inc. has developed simulators for many types of machines. The Serious Gaming Development team understands how to incorporate actual machine controls, buttons and levers to work in tandem with software training exercises exactly like users would find on a real world job site. All simulator users can be tested on their success and failures when training on the simulator and these results are measured and reported in records management software.

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