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New learning methods for security professionals

By May 8th, 2012No Comments

A leading provider of private security, AlliedBarton Security Services, announced that they'll be partnering with Drexel University in Philadelphia to improve their eLearning development strategy.

AlliedBarton already has an internal program called EDGE, or Educate, Develop, Grow and Engage, but they hope to improve their custom training software experience by giving both AlliedBarton employees and Drexel security personnel more access to the training programs. The partnership between the two will be solidified by the building of a learning center on-campus where computers and resources will be readily available.

AlliedBarton's division president Ronald Rabena said in a statement that the new center would hopefully be available to the community in the future. The custom training software may be accessible to AlliedBarton and other security personnel throughout West Philadelphia and will offer specialization in certain fields.

"Our goal has been to continuously raise the bar with regard to the quality and performance of the AlliedBarton security officers who serve our campus by ensuring that they get the best professional training available," said senior vice president of Drexel security Domenic Ceccanecchio. "By expanding our efforts to encompass officers from across the region, we improve safety and security for everyone in University City."

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