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Oil workers get hands-on training

By June 11th, 2012No Comments

Simulator development is helping workers in dangerous professions get valuable training before diving into the job. Developers hope the simulator experience will increase productivity, but the real focus is on enhancing safety for everyone at work.

Not only will these programs ensure safety and compliance for employees, but it will also give them training to carry into the workplace and share with others. The benefit of simulator development goes beyond just meeting federal requirements, potentially driving employee loyalty.

Education on the Horizon
Since the Horizon deep sea oil rig explosion in 2010, the Federal Safety and Environmental Management Systems (FSEMS) has been upgrading safety requirements for rig technology and employee training. In response to the accident and updated guidelines, Aker Solutions, a Norwegian leader in the oil industry, opened a specialized training facility in the town of Katy, Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Another dangerous profession is mining. Many mines operations are now  using mining equipment training simulators to help operators learn controls and applications just like they use on actual mine sites. The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is the branch of government that has been helping to keep miners safe by offering safety guidelines and information in order to bring awareness to workers and companies.

Safety has always been a major concern for those in the oil and mining industries. Even when an accident isn't cataclysmic, there's still a high risk of injury or death. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated in its most recent report on workplace fatalities that nearly 200 people die every year in mining accidents, representing nearly 5 percent of the total workforce. WorkSafe also stated that, while lower than previous years, the incidence of on-the-job injury has gone up for oil drillers by 4.3 percent since last year.

Diverse learning experience
Taking these factors into account, creating custom training software and simulator development is crucial for creating safer workers and fostering a work environment geared toward meeting federal regulations. Many organizations are pioneering the development of new employee training procedures to reduce serious injury through simulation programs, and other industries can benefit from similar 3D simulator development that creates realistic environments based on those encountered in the real world. These simulators use custom training software and simulations of real-world conditions to deliver focused training to employees both old and new alike. Both FSEMS and MSHA require ongoing training.

CSE Software Inc., a leader in the development of mining simulator software, understands the pressure companies are under to keep workers safe, follow government guidelines and still keep an eye on their bottom lines. CSE’s Serious Gaming Development Team can help companies facing safety challenges define and design simulator software to help keep their employees safe and also cut costs by saving fuel and better preparing operators for work.

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