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Online education becoming part of teacher training

By July 16th, 2012No Comments

For the longest time, educators were split on whether eLearning development would aid or harm students when it came to moving toward hybrid and solely online class settings. Some are still convinced that the lack of face-to-face contact takes something away from the learning experience, but others understand the benefits of online training in collaboration and reach.

Now learning institutions themselves are taking custom training software a step further, providing the experience for both students and staff. Despite some earlier misgivings about the technology, administrators and teachers are finding the program very successful, said InsideHired.

Educating teachers

It may seem strange to think of the teacher as the one being taught, but schools are just like any other employer and have guidelines and requirements of their faculty. In order to create a unified culture and enhance students' experiences, it's essential that all staff are on the same page.

Schools like Western Advanced Central University have been pursuing custom training software for their teachers to meet just that end. Known for their online courses that are available globally as a leading internet-based college, the school has decided to provide this service to its international teaching staff as well, Time Magazine reported. Seeing as the program works so well for its clients, WAC saw that it would make sense to train its faculty the same way – with eLearning development.

Pushing for interaction

One of the leading fights against eLearning development and what's held it back from being adopted sooner by more institutions is that people are wrongly under the impression that the internet takes away the ability for people to connect and interact.

That's certainly not the case, and innovative tools like webinars and group voice chatting, as well as email and message boards, are showing more schools and businesses how interactive a tool online training can be. Not only does it provide opportunities to those who may never have had the chance to go to school, it helps them connect and speak with people they could otherwise never have met, even getting them into live discussions at prestigious schools or conferences on the other side of the world.

CSE Software Inc. specializes in interactive, user-friendly eLearning development that's useful not only for teaching individuals the skills they need to perform their daily tasks, but also how to be better teachers themselves. Using a custom software experience can get them thinking in new ways and interacting with a global audience with different perspectives.

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