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Online learning environment globally pursued

By May 11th, 2012No Comments

The internet provides a flexible, versatile platform for custom training software that schools of all kinds are starting to take advantage of more often. Now other nations are embracing the movement, meaning the reach of eLearning development can now go a lot farther.

King Saud University in Saudi Arabia just went live with its first round of online course material, with the King Abdullah ceremoniously kicking off the launch by activating their new learning environment publicly on an iPad according to Arab News. This embracing of technology signals a new opportunity in the Middle East for eLearning advances that could be shared between nations, pushing development and innovation further than ever before.

In Taiwan, a university is already winning awards for their custom eLearning development. Their online courses are now also available in Chinese, earning them praise for their enhanced accessibility. As the diversity of custom training software users increases, there may be an increasing push for materials in many different languages to accommodate the widest audience. This will also encourage open communication and the sharing of ideas on a global scale, a great learning opportunity for participants.

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