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Online learning gaining momentum

By August 17th, 2012No Comments

Connecting students with academic opportunities is essential for making the most of training and teaching. Introducing eLearning development to institutions has allowed them to increase the reach of these tools, making the intellectual world open to more participants.

Michael Van Beek of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy wrote that these opportunities are getting more support internationally, with some legislators supporting totally online-based schools for public school students. Other initiatives involve putting these utilities in the hands of workers to help them better understand more complex aspects of their jobs, as well as providing a means of advancement to all workers. Finding new ways to teach also grants companies more flexibility, making them far more appealing for cost savings and open use by all participants.

"There are so many 'blended' courses that assuming things are either face-to-face or online is not really just the case," said Barbara Brittingham of the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. "What was an innovation is now just part of how institutions operate."

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