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Online training solutions work for more businesses

By July 2nd, 2012No Comments

Creating a curriculum accessible by Internet may seem daunting to some businesses, but the affordability and accessibility rendered to companies and their workers can make them valuable tools for progress. Some still debate whether this medium is adequate for full-spectrum teaching, but others have already embraced the transition from a physical classroom to an online meeting place and are enjoying the benefits of enhanced metrics and constant contact.

Organizations at every level have already started using these kinds of programs for the betterment of their workforce reports Time Magazine. Among these users are federal agencies, top-level companies and prestigious private schools. By incorporating technology and new methods, these innovators remain a cutting-edge force in their respective industries, making them more appealing to customers and job candidates alike.

Training takes to the air

Creating a united workforce provides comprehensive and uniform training to all employees, but when a company brings in an outside contractor, the challenge of making that person fit with the group may create friction and slow down work. Fortunately, custom training software can handle this problem if a business owns their software and can provide the program to the new employee.

The U.S. Air Force recognized this issue,  and created a unique training experience specifically for its contract workers. According to Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), this branch of the armed services is going to be using eLearning development to create a learning experience for those providing maintenance and research for weapons, aircraft and other systems. Traditionally these services have been rendered by outside contractors, but a lack of training on Air Force guidelines and security policy could result in problems, especially as their structures get more high tech.

"The learning center will allow people at all levels, from unit training monitors to senior contracting officials, to examine existing training materials and extract relevant information instead of developing new content," said Colonel Roger Westermeyer of AFMC.

Private industry endorsement

These powerful programs are useful to companies in any capacity and at any level. It's becoming more common for schools and corporations to use these utilities for training and learning purposes, making it a crucial addition to any business trying to stay competitive. Custom training software from CSE Software Inc. can be made to fit an organization of any size, regardless of industry or business sector.

ENews Park Forest recently reported that the federal government is also using eLearning development and online training to educate workers in its energy industries. The point of the new online resource is to provide individual users as well as those in the marketplace with comprehensive knowledge of everything from how to create energy scores to advanced mathematical and scientific skills. These modules are part of the National Training and Education Resource (NTER), founded in the hopes of creating a greener America and fostering more jobs by giving individuals specialized knowledge.

These programs are also interesting to private employers who are looking for ways to educate their existing workforce or hire more individuals. According to ENews, these companies have already embraced online training provided through NTER, but a business looking to custom-tailor the training experience and monitor the effectiveness of employee training will want a personalized software suite that fits their company profile specifically.

"Today's generation of apprentices welcome the use of…technology as a teaching method, demonstrating the basics and fundamentals," Thomas Haun of the International Assocation of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers told ENews.

Whatever your training and educational needs might be, CSE Software can  help you define goals and develop a solution that fits your needs. Deploy eLearning via a PC, Internet or as a mobile app.

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