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Practice AP tests are effective for supplementing eLearning development

By April 17th, 2012No Comments

With rising tuition courses across American universities, the number of students enrolled in advanced placement courses is rising. A 2010 College Board report states that over 500,000 students were enrolled in AP courses, and the number of traditionally underserved minority groups in AP classrooms has more than doubled over the course of a decade. produces online access to practice AP tests to increase student proficiency with the content and methodologies of AP exams. In April, the company announced that it will add practice tests in economics, US history and physics among other disciplines. Certain AP courses target student math and science skills, which many educators see as underdeveloped among students entering college.

These exams can be accessed in a variety of modes from practice levels to the full test, which replicates testing time limits and conditions. Educators should look at sites such as this when considering custom eLearning development options. Custom software development companies can work with institutions to integrate platforms and content to the individualized needs of the student body.

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