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Prepare for worker skill requirements with proper training software

By February 21st, 2012No Comments

The candidates and open positions that companies will soon have to match up might not be as well-suited with one another as in the past. According to Forbes, a study by the American Society for Training and Development found that less than 50 percent of American jobs required skilled workers. The organization estimates that by 2015, the number will be around 76 percent.

Additionally, that same year will also feature the creation of new jobs of which 60 percent will require skills only held by 20 percent of the 2015 population. This means companies will need to offer a lot of training once employees have been hired and won't be able to expect much in the way of prior experience with certain techniques and kinds of information. Hence the need for digital solutions such as custom software development.

Training software is extremely versatile and perhaps most importantly, can be applied to large groups of employees to effectively share information and techniques with all of them. Unlike seminars and training sessions that take place in small groups, eLearning only requires that personnel have access to up-to-date electronic devices. Such training can be supplemented with some face-to-face classes, but eLearning can largely support the education of less skillful workforces. 

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