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Reaching more businesses with mobile app development

By June 15th, 2012No Comments

A recent study by Paychex found that those considering creating a custom training experience for their employees might want to lean strongly toward mobile app development due to the resounding popularity of the platform.

When investing in eLearning development, it's important to make sure the programs are going to be utilized.  To increase the likelihood of the eLearnings’ use, CSE models a format that 50 percent of Paychex respondents say they couldn't live without. More than three-fourths of business owners themselves already said they were using mobile technology like tablets and smartphones to carry out regular company affairs, so they're not only used to the interface but rely on it strongly to function.

A Gartner study of small business IT claims companies need to focus more on mobile devices and applications in order to keep up with technological trends. The shift means that, as tablets and smartphones become increasingly predominant in the business environment, utilizing mobile app development will make sure that training and eLearning tools get optimal access and use from their target audience.

Developing eLearning and mobile apps may seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s not when you work with the right development team. CSE Software Inc. uses proven methodology to define, design, develop and deploy all applications. With 22 years of experience, CSE can create the mobile tools that fit your company’s needs.

Contact Stacey Burris at or 1.309.670.7595 and ask for a mobile app development demo today!