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Reduce the Risk of Pirated Media with Encryption

By March 14th, 2013No Comments

What is piracy costing your business? According to the Huffington Post, a recent Business Software Alliance (BSA) survey found that 57% of the world’s computer users have pirated software. The commercial value of what the software industry has lost to theft is approximately $63.4 billion according to the BSA. Add to that the piracy of music, movie and eLearning CDs/DVDs and the cost is even more astronomical.

Your company has made the investment to produce media, so why take a chance on it being pirated? Protect your media with encryption. CSE Software Inc. will duplicate and encrypt media to prevent common copy techniques. Plus, you can duplicate on demand! Save on the costs of having to duplicate hundreds, or thousands, of media at a time, and duplicate exactly what you need. Whether you replicate only a few pieces once a month or larger quantities every week, you can protect your business’ brand and reputation.

CSE’s data protection is resistant to recording software and hardware; plus fully compatible with standard DVD devices and Windows operating systems. Protected content is useable as long as the original medium is present in a local drive. The protection is transparent to end users, with no passwords and no driver installations.

If you’ve already experienced losing sales to unauthorized copies or pirated versions of your media, or you’re afraid you might, take the steps to protect your investment with encrypted data duplication from CSE Software. Plus save on the costs of mandatory quantities and instead duplicate only the quantity you need every time. Contact Towanda Atterberry at 1.309.670.7595 for a quote today!