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Refugees displaced by war find hope in eLearning development

By April 23rd, 2012No Comments

For many refugees facing the aftermath of war, a lack of educational access is a grim reality. The UN Refugee Agency reports that 25 percent of refugees lack access to primary education and more than 66 percent never attend high schools or universities.

Challenges within refugee encampments prove to be continual issues. Therefore custom eLeaning development that combines web-based content and traditional face to face classroom instruction is being implemented to try and improve accessibility for the displaced.

Canada's Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is pioneering a program called Knowledge Exchange to offer support for refugees who have been granted asylum within the nation's borders. These eLearning assessments can help refugees manage their mental health as they adjust to the the acculturation process. Canada's York University is also implementing a partnership with Kenya's Dadaab camp for children to access eLearning classrooms.

Custom software development and eLearning capabilities bring a ray of hope for refugees lacking educational opportunities, offering a sense of hope and a chance to escape their plight.

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