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Seat time can be over-emphasized in training and education

By January 23rd, 2012No Comments

Companies that need to quickly and efficiently teach workers how to perform certain jobs and tasks often find themselves unable to properly assess how their employees are doing when they're being taught. One of the reasons for this may have something to do with the phenomenon of an over-reliance on seat time. According to Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Institute and speaker at the 2011 Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform, seat time is one of the biggest threats to real teaching and learning.

The phrase refers to an adherence in the belief that so long as students or trainees are logging enough time in classes, or in their seats, they must be receiving the proper amount of direction and training. However, this isn't necessarily a good way to accurately gauge how pupils are faring. Despite the fact that many school systems and corporate organizations believe in the use of seat time, it doesn't always guarantee students and employees learn and understand the material.

However, the use of eLearning can be remarkably effective at combating this sort of issue. When software is used to educate workers or students, it is capable of being customized for particular industries, topics or tasks. This gives schools and organizations the ability to allow trainees and students who learn quickly to work through the material at a faster pace, while more resources can be directed to those who need more intensive sessions or training.

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