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Serious games serve eLearning development opportunity

By October 29th, 2012No Comments

Businesses know it is important to take advantage of opportunities when they are offered. Noticing specific trends, upgrading to new technology, implementing eLearning development and finding ways of increasing acceptance are crucial to strategic advancement within an industry, but getting to the global level takes skill and aggressive maneuvering.

One of the leading tactics companies should be employing is finding ways to insert educational content into other kinds of media so that participants actively engage what they are learning and therefore more likely to absorb what they are taught. Developers of eLearning software have had success implementing this strategy with serious games that handle everything from human resources processes to data and document protection. Since these tools are already popular with consumers, they are seeing greater success in deployment than more straightforward tutorials.

Play to learn
The influx of intuitive games has not been sudden. Developers have known that serious games can teach a variety of skills subversively to users and still provide quality entertainment. These underlying traits were less noticeable in older games and those designed specifically for leisure and consumer use, but corporations are integrating serious games simulations into eLearning development and finding that employees take more away from programs that offer interactive, game-like interaction.

Most notably, a recent deployment by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been used by corporate offices across the country to provide a unified message on the best practices of document handling. Modern Medicine wrote that the eLearning development uses elements of traditional software but also includes question-and-answer interactions, on-screen visuals and in-course progress similar to what mainstream computer games employ. The takeaway on this for private businesses should be that providing an engrossing learning experience on a computer does not require blowing the box wide open on design – it simply means using methods that have been proven to work, even if it means borrowing from other industries.

CSE Software Inc. can help drive eLearning success by creating intuitive and alluring software for any kind of in-house departmental training. These topics can be specific to a single office or incorporate personnel from all levels while still maintaining the same framework and adaptability.

The benefits of gaming to learn
Companies also recognize increased personal traits among employees who have spent more time using serious games that relate back to business practices. Even entities like the U.S. military have made use of these systems, according to the Washington Post. Such tools increase situational awareness and accuracy under stressful conditions.

What's more, integrating serious games simulations into eLearning development creates the same quality of analytics as a traditional structure, though these utilities are more likely to retain consistent usership and engage employees. This makes them compelling resources for public training launches, as the general public can provide help with crowd-sourcing and other public campaigns. Because serious games are something that has appeal for any age group, federal programs and private companies alike have taken steps to employ these tools as part of their eLearning campaigns.

CSE Software Inc. has experienced serious gaming and eLearning development teams that produce training and educational materials for any audience. Find out how our teams can design and develop the modules you need for staff or public initiatives. Deploy eLearning via PC, Internet or any mobile device.

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