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Simulation Development

Simulation development can serve as a refresher course for veteran workers

By April 4th, 2012No Comments

Employees in many industries can find the quality of their work declining when they don't use skills over long periods. Changes in the economy might lower the demand for particular products and services, or a lack of accidents might have made it so workers didn't get the chance to use important emergency skills. Regardless of the scenario, simulator development is one of the best methods to prepare employees for certain workplace activities.

For example, some members of the US military need to be retaught practices relating to the treatment of injured comrades. The Medical Technician recertification program is important for the Armed Forces because it ensures soldiers, sailors and pilots are able to care for wounded servicemen and women. The program calls for medical attention to be delivered to a simulated companion, which is a pre-programmed, life-size doll.

Simulation development in the workplace is becoming more important as roles change and technology alters how some tasks are carried out. Automobile repair, for example, involves knowledge of many types of engines and a vast array of vehicles. While it's critical for personnel in this field to stay up to date with new technology, they shouldn't let their understanding of past models deteriorate.

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