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Simulator development medically trains US parajumpers

By April 20th, 2012No Comments

Representatives of the New York Air Guard and US Air Force's 103rd Rescue Squad based out of Westhampton Beach on Long Island attended a simulator training workshop at Lake Success to better prepare to administer medical care in combat situations. In partnership with the North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital's Bioskills Education Center, parajumpers received training on chest tube administration, wound packing and multiple techniques for stitches.

Parajumpers in the 103rd are likely to be put in some of the most difficult and remote combat situations, far from established medic units. Therefore, this training allows service people access to crucial life saving strategies.

Custom training software that interfaces with simulators is already being used for medical training in other branches of the armed forces. The Army and Air Force are taking on  leadership role when it comes to simulator training. Hospitals across the nation should look to their lead when it comes to preparing medical professionals for real life scenarios. Trainees can walk through procedural steps, while simultaneously reflecting on legal and ethical implications, reducing the margin for error.

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