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Study finds online learning provides the same experience as regular lessons

By July 11th, 2012No Comments

Those concerned that custom online training doesn't offer the same quality experience as a live classroom need not worry, if recent research is to be believed.

A study conducted by Ithaka S&R found that students receiving eLearning development opportunities as part of a hybrid experience with traditional classroom interactions got as much – if not more – out of the program than those taking the standard lecture classes. Not only is nothing lost from this method, but practitioners save more money when integrated solutions are utilized, the study found. What's more, institutions feel that making learners familiar with this technology before they go on to teach others will make them more comfortable when using it in the future, increasing the likelihood of its use.

"Today's students become tomorrow's faculty," said former Tufts University president Lawrence Bacow in an interview with the Boston Globe. "Even in its infancy, [online learning] does well. This is only going to get better over time."

Building up knowledge

This is good news for employers looking to increase staff knowledge of important practices and protocols, such as data security. Some organizations like the Department for Work and Pension, formally reprimanded about 43 workers per month for intentional or unintentional data breaches in 2010. 

"Disciplinary action is hugely expensive and disruptive," said Alan Calder of IT Governance in an interview with World News Report. "There are more sophisticated means to deal with uninformed staff and mistakes."

Breaking down learning

Iowa State University points out that self-paced and flexible eLearning development can help increase learning and focus on areas of difficulty as participants take part in a course. The Ithaka study also noted that working more than 20 hours per week didn't have a negative effect on the ability of subjects to take or succeed in online training scenarios.

By giving employees and students the ability to take courses when it's convenient in an online setting doesn't cheat them out of a live learning experience. This research shows that the educational benefits are much the same, meaning business convenience and cost-cutting strategies won't have a negative impact on what workers get out of custom eLearning applications.

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