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Supplement veterans’ expertise with custom software development

By April 3rd, 2012No Comments

Soldiers, pilots, sailors and other members of the US Armed Forces often have difficulty finding employment when they return from abroad. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 8.3 percent of veterans were unemployed at the start of 2012. Given their record of training and discipline, it's puzzling that it's difficult for these individuals to find work when they've finished their assignments.

Fortunately, a pending bill in Congress may help veterans and offers benefits to companies that may hire them. The Veterans Skills to Jobs Act seeks to give funding to organizations that train people enlisted in the military and can hopefully ensure they're able to gain employment upon returning home. Part of the funding is intended to go toward supplementing existing training software development many branches of the military already use so job skills can be shared with these brave men and women.

Regardless of whether or not this legislation comes to fruition, it's important for employers to understand the value of veteran workers. Their experiences and rigorous training often make them ideal employees, so preparing them for work should consist of teaching them the skills they need to succeed. Consequently, eLearning development should be used to complement their existing expertise and allow them to quickly contribute to workplace activities.

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