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Tablet developments get learners going

By August 8th, 2012No Comments

Adhering to a strict training policy can be hard, whether it's a personal regimen or a corporate informational task. Growth is essential in order to allow progress in all facets of life, and being tethered to a single educational outlet can stunt that process, so some companies have investigated ways of making these courses more mobile to suit participants' needs. Mobile learning applications and iPad app development have led to a new age of on-the-go educational opportunities.

Some businesses may choose to build a mobile app solution that works just for the iPad, one of the most popular tablet devices on the market, or they could choose a hybrid design that can automatically fit itself to Android, Blackberry and other smartphone or tablet interfaces under the umbrella of a single custom training software strategy. Regardless of the product a company picks, these tools have revolutionized the way corporate growth strategies are implemented.

A winning play

These devices have seen mass appeal not only in the corporate sector but also with entertainment and sports. The Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions are using iPad training apps for their playbooks and other team communication, keeping players, coaches and administrators on the same page regarding the upcoming season. They also give recipients the ability to check on HR outlets and gain other information that could be valuable to their training.

College teams are also picking up on the trend. Seeing as the iPad is one of the biggest sellers in the industry, with more than 17 million units sold according to Computerworld, many students are bringing these tablets with them to school. Educators already make use of them by integrating eLearning and other mobile class resources into course materials, but because these devices are already on-hand, sports departments are seeing a way to make use of them as well.

Integrated technology

Corporations see these same trends with their employees. Creating custom training software for mobile devices that employees already own cuts down on expenses for business, and a wider variety of classes can be taught simultaneously once restrictions on class sizes and running times are lifted.

Virtual Strategy wrote that iPad training app development was allowing more human resources and employee guidance tools to make it to these devices. Some of the classes companies are now looking to provide staff include reputation management, speech therapy and treasury planning.

"Readers prefer simple bite sized pieces, with easy to understand examples," said Jawwad Farid, an actuary who studied at the Columbia Business School. "This is the primary design principle we follow in our live training workshops and what we have also used for our risk series on the iPad."

Consumer and business

The market for iPad app development may be growing in the near future. Up until this point, ClickZ wrote that the device has been restrictively expensive, but because Apple is selling more of the devices and is seeing greater competition from Google and Android, the company may begin selling them at a more reasonable price. With that in mind, at their current level, iPads are still a flexible, desirable tool that many people in the workplace already own, so bringing it into the corporate culture is simple.

"The adoption rate of iPad in education is something I've never seen from any technology in product history," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. Uses for the device bridge all ages both in an academic setting and for casual use, making it an ideal platform for any kind of development. 

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