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Take a page from nonprofits and embrace eLearning

By January 26th, 2012No Comments

Companies that are able to cut costs while meeting or exceeding their production needs are going to be successful. However, finding tools that help to accomplish this is very difficult. That's why it's important to look toward organizations that operate with even smaller margins of error and need to make do with fewer resources.

Nonprofit groups are constantly struggling to help the less fortunate while largely living on government grants and funds from donors. This means they aren't able to casually spend money training workers to use their accounting software or to solicit donations from people. However, eLearning can be considered a very modest investment that pays great dividends for nonprofits.

Traditional commercial organizations can also succeed with eLearning using the same principles. After a small initial investment on software and its hardware, companies don't need to continually pay for trainers and materials. Instead, they can keep training their workers using the same programs, allowing them to shorten the turnaround from hiring to production by quite a bit.

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