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Take a page out of successful companies for eLearning inspiration

By February 23rd, 2012No Comments

Workplace training can be quite complicated if for no other reason than all companies are quite different. The size, type of work, sorts of workers and even geographical distribution of workforces make it almost impossible to design standard learning packages for each and every one of them. Nevertheless, there are some qualities that all good simulation and eLearning efforts should possess. One way to identify them is by taking a page out of the successful playbooks of large companies.

For example, Training Magazine recently awarded Verizon Wireless the prize for number one employee training program. The company was able to not only create workers that are competent in their jobs, but it also did so in ways that are cost-effective, enjoyable for personnel and efficient. Here are some of the highlights of their efforts, as well as ways that custom software development can help to achieve those accomplishments.

Long training periods
One of the most important parts of Verizon's program was the long hours workers logged in it. Over 9 million hours were spent by workers being taught in one way or another in 2011 at the company. Many organizations find it difficult to assign so much of the workday to instructional courses, but that's because many don't use eLearning and other training and simulation software. Because it can be run on different devices and at odd hours, this software is able to be shoehorned into any irregular schedules.

Understanding strategies
One aspect of training that often goes overlooked is individual employee effort and understanding. According to City Biz List, one remarkable feature of the company's training efforts was that the organization intentionally created training programs that stressed the importance of certain techniques and activities to a long-term organizational strategy. Some directives, rules and requirements might not make sense to employees, but when they're described in the context of a long-term business plan, they make more sense and are easier to follow.

Diverse offerings
There is a lot more to workplace instruction than classrooms and textbooks, which is one reason that Verizon succeeded where others failed. The use of multiple types of technology, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, social media and blogs helped put the company over the top. The use of diverse models of training is one of the primary benefits of eLearning software development, which is why more companies are turning to this option every year.

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