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Talent development efforts can be more successful using custom software development

By April 2nd, 2012No Comments

Rigid classroom models and traditional instruction can be effective for sharing some kinds of workplace training. However, substantial research indicates informal and social learning models may help companies prepare employees for work tasks. For example, a 2012 study by technology analysts Bersin & Associates concluded talent development was three times more effective when conducted in informal settings and social situations.

The use of custom software development is perfect for this kind of instruction because it can be adopted without intruding into the fundamentally social nature of certain gatherings. For instance, team-building exercises and get-togethers can be used to share information about work activities and company policies without making personnel embrace traditional educational roles. In addition to producing talented workers, this also helps prepare employees for future promotion and expanded roles.

Companies can also make learning collaborative and social by allowing the employees to work together using eLearning development. When lessons are interesting, engaging and conducted during free time over a web connection, the likelihood staff members will retain the information increases. Consider implementing a computerized training regiment to either supplement standard lessons or replace these models if they are ineffective.

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