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Teaching internet security and safety online

By June 14th, 2012No Comments

June is National Internet Safety Month, and in honor of awareness and prevention against cyber crime, some schools are taking the initiative to educate students.

In Rhode Island, the New England Institute of Technology is giving kids hands-on experience using custom training software as well as other eLearning development to get them familiar with the internet threats they might be susceptible to. The program helps them identify viruses, fix a machine that's been infected and protect it in the future. Combining cyber security and digital forensics gives participants a full grasp of the depth of damage these attacks can inflict.

The National Cyber Security Alliance reported that nearly half of all Americans don't feel their information is protected online. This number is about the same in terms of parents that don't think they're doing enough to protect and educate their children about dangers online. Providing an eLearning development opportunity via the internet – a system that kids are already familiar with – will make it easier to protect and educate them.

Developing eLearning modules to train and educate is core to CSE Software’s business. The development team can define the project and incorporate the type of training needed for any age group. Let CSE help you create a safe path through the internet for your business, family and future.

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