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The cost of eLearning is minimal compared to textbooks and teaching materials

By January 18th, 2012No Comments

As any college student knows, one of the most expensive component of taking any sort of class is the actual study materials required by instructors. Many institutions only offer new copies of texts that have gone through multiple editions in an effort to stay up-to-date, but this makes the process even more expensive. Furthermore, students that attempt to sell their books back to a bookstore at the end of a term will discover diminishing returns on their lightly used texts.

Private companies are often subject to similar challenges. Many technical jobs that require certification and high degrees of accuracy find training sessions being led by people who expect trainees to have certain booklets, work books or other expensive study materials. Whether the costs of such materials are borne by companies or employees doesn't matter. Either way, someone needs to pay extra.

However, eLearning software eliminates many of the costs associated with textbooks. That's because any new material can be downloaded onto the same mobile device that a company has selected to make eLearning programs available on. It also helps that there is far less reading and writing required of students who are undergoing eLearning training since their lessons will be so much more hands-on and less abstract.

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