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Simulation Development

The value of experience in educating

By May 15th, 2012No Comments

For some it may seem intuitive that doing is one of the best ways to learn. However, a recent study by BTS USA confirms that the best strategy for effective learning is to let employees constructively implement recently required knowledge.

The study, Navigating Strategy Execution: The Case for Custom Business Simulation, looked at information from a variety of sources including case studies of businesses using simulation development to engage and educate their current workforce. This research found that active employees retained more information. According to National Training Laboratories, those who learned by lecture or reading only absorbed 15 percent of all information. During scenarios in which employees were allowed to practice what they were doing, that amount rose to 75 percent retention. The only strategy cited as more effective was using or teaching immediately what was learned, but in both situations the best method for learning involved hands-on activity.

"Companies are coming to the realization that customized simulations are not just a learning experience," said Henrik Ekelund, CEO of BTS. "[Simulations are] a strategy alignment and execution experience. The difference is in the results."

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