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To maximize benefits, eLearning courses need better management practices

By April 24th, 2012No Comments

Educators have found multiple benefits to eLearning development and online courses, which has caused many high schools and universities to invest in digital learning accessibility. Students can access course materials from any location, complete course material according to their schedules and still make time to fit in work.

However, in some cases, the learning outcomes are not being fully met because there are not proper management protocols in place for learning assessment and goals for new technology-based approaches. Educators should understand that eLearning outcomes differ somewhat from traditional face-to-face courses.

A report from Faculty Focus shows that the wrong kinds of assessments are often in place for online courses. This instruction should integrate technologies to supplement different kinds of learning strategies for students. The best kinds of assessments are ones that accurately measure both the ability to retain information and how well they can apply the knowledge to real life settings. When it comes to tests, there should be extra attention paid to clarity of language, particularly for multiple choice options.

Schools can work with custom software development companies to develop online course management systems that support student learning and facilitate assessments for educators.

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