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Training opportunity for general practitioners focuses on dementia

By May 22nd, 2012No Comments

When it comes to treating degenerative diseases having an adequate grasp on symptoms and treatments for all stages will help doctors and patients alike get through a difficult time. Custom training software may be needed for some practitioners, though, as familiarity with certain ailments isn't universal.

A study by the Alzheimer's Society and the British Medical Journal discovered that just over a third of general practitioners (GPs) understand Alzheimer's and how to treat it. This means that the remaining 63 percent feel they don't have training enough to understand the progression and intricacies essential to providing adequate treatment. To try and bolster these numbers, the Alzheimer's Society is looking for eLearning developments to fill the educational gap.

"We need to support GPs as much as possible," said chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, Jeremy Hughes. "They have a vital role to play in diagnosing and supporting people with the condition, which is why we are very excited to launch this online learning tool."

Other programs are also looking into eLearning development to assist with teaching providers about Alzheimer's patient care as new research is available all the time and practitioners need to stay ahead of these new trends.

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