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Travelers and remote workers may need eLearning development to stay productive

By March 30th, 2012No Comments

Some industries are well suited to the freedom telecommuting offers. After all, there's no reason daily tasks that require a computer have to be done in an office, except for reasons involving productivity and workplace resources. As a result, many companies and organizations have turned to remote work more than ever before.

For example, a survey by Microsoft found by the end of 2011, over two-thirds of all federal government employees telecommute at least part of the year. Telecommuting offers businesses the chance to cut operating and technology costs significantly, but it also leaves many employees unsupervised and without access to training materials. As such, custom training software can deliver a valuable investment.

There are different models organizations can follow to help remote workers and traveling employees be successful. Distributing eLearning materials over the internet to new telecommuters can teach them the principles and guidelines for working with that company. In this system, employees wouldn't ever even have to visit an office.

Staff members can begin their terms of employment in a workplace and receive custom software application development at an office. After establishing themselves and proving they can handle the workload, they can be allowed to stay at home or work from a remote location.

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