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Two-way distance training is possible thanks to eLearning software development

By February 6th, 2012No Comments

Many organizations have come to embrace eLearning software development because of the opportunities it offers for distance learning. Many companies can't always bring their employees onsite to undergo training, and the best instructors may be remotely located and can't offer their services at a particular office or facility. Therefore, online digital learning is often the best solution for many businesses.

However, the benefits of distance learning via custom software development don't only derive from an ease of sharing. In fact, this kind of training allows for communication both ways, from a teacher to a student and also from a pupil to an instructor. When trainees can offer feedback and ask questions, a training solution becomes much more valuable.

For example, if an employee has been learning a particular technique via a digital learning program and web chat with a remote instructor, he may have a problem or query that is better asked in detail, face-to-face. The staff member can easily record a video or include a multimedia message outlining the exact area of confusion and receive a more detailed and meaningful answer than might otherwise be possible.

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