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UC Irvine getting the word out on green initiative

By May 9th, 2012No Comments

Professor James A. Boretti will be leading an eLearning course on green workplace and sustainability importance as part of University of California Irvine Extension's environmental programs focus.

The eLearning development was specifically to be preceded by a special webinar, 'Environmental Management: Education Planning,' that gives additional details about a 'green' certificate program available for those interested through the Irvine Extension. This course will look at corporate sustainability and different ways of developing and promoting an environmentally friendly workplace. Its purpose, according to engineering director Dave Dima, is to help make businesses more competitive while incorporating initiatives that aren't just green-friendly, they also help reduce energy and other costs.

As part of its continuing education programs, UC Irvine Extension offers a variety of other free online courses in a variety of topics including law, social ecology, humanities and engineering. Its OpenCourseWare program has been active since 2006 and offers the option of enrolling in pay-for classes, though the tools offered through their website can be used independently for personal education purposes. Dima says these kinds of programs help professionals build knowledge of specific subject fields and encourages environmental workers to partake in the upcoming webinar and eLearning experience.

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