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Universal Benefits of eLearning/mLearning Adoption

By August 6th, 2013No Comments

There are numerous benefits to eLearning/mLearning, depending on what is important to an organization. From testing and capturing results to addressing learning styles to using the material as a reference, organizations can benefit from adopting eLearning/mLearning. However, there are some universal benefits that any organization can gain with development and implementation of this training and education style.

• Delivers consistent training. Every person receives the same training, the same way. Differences in instructors can sometimes mean differences in delivery. Not so with eLearning/mLearning. Consistent training means accurate training no matter how many persons involved, and no matter where the location of the satellite office or field rep.

• Increases user involvement in subject matter. Because of the interactivity and mix of media presented, users are more likely to be engaged by this form of education and training. More and frequent user involvement leads to better retention of subject matter.

• Provides portability and flexibility. Mobile and Internet based training means being able to train anytime day or night and regardless of location. Users can choose when and where they want to train, making it a great option for down-time or when the user is outside of work.

• Reduces costs. PC-based and mobile learning are less expensive to implement and maintain than the resources needed for instructor training (instructor, supporting materials, travel, location, set up). Not to mention trying to coordinate multiple schedules and take personnel away from production work. Electronic learning involves initial development costs and minimal implementation costs. Because it’s paperless, any updates to material can be made quickly and easily in the electronic format without associated costs for printing, distribution and retraining instructors.

• Nurtures self-paced learning. Availability isn’t an issue with eLearning/mLearning material. Users are empowered to direct their own education and training activities at their own paces. The personalized experience allows users to gain confidence (no fear of failure) while learning subject matter.

Does eLearning/mLearning sound like a fit for your organization? Implement training and education that gets results. The team at CSE Software Inc. can develop material, including content and scripts. Learn how an electronic learning format can be used to train employees on compliance or techniques, teach new skills, or even bring customers up-to-date on your latest product offerings. Find out how easy it is to get started. Contact Stacey Burris today at 1.309.670.7595 and experience the benefits for yourself.

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