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University admissions recruiters find eLearning development is crucial to attracting students

By April 16th, 2012No Comments

A 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education report shows that the group of students engaged in online learning has grown by 300 percent over the course of seven years, and 68 percent of students surveyed say the number of available eLearning options are not meeting their demands. This trend suggests that universities hoping to attract students in current financial times need to offer more quantity, flexibility and value when it comes to custom eLearning development.

University presidents, admissions staff and faculty should consider the value of eLearning. Students are able to have greater flexibility in accessing course content remotely, and accommodating employment obligations.

In another article, the Chronicle of Higher Education cites Southern New Hampshire university in Manchester, New Hampshire as a leader in eLearning implementation and assessment, the latter being crucial to ensuring quality of program deliveries.

Universities should understand their academic niche when considering eLearning options. Custom software development companies can work with the university team to design solutions based on academic programs, faculty needs and student populations.

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