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Unusual jobs require uncommon training solutions

By January 31st, 2012No Comments

General tasks and relatively standard jobs might not be terribly difficult to train workers to do. There are many types of general labor or routine practices that can be demonstrated and mastered in the span of a few weeks, so training methods used for these professions don't need to be terribly rigorous. This isn't to say that innovative solutions wouldn't lower the cost of training and make it more efficient, but there's no pressing need for technological applications.

Conversely, some types of workers perform jobs that are highly unusual and need to be properly communicated to new hires. For example, maritime employees who spend most of their working hours on ships face quite a few varied challenges each and every day. As a result, many employers in the maritime industry have decided to deploy custom software development solutions to make education more effective.

For example, the fact that workers can use mobile app development programs to learn safety specifications for working on the high seas makes it easier to deploy staff members more quickly to sensitive positions. Additionally, eLearning software can help to develop objective assessments and performance metrics so supervisors can deploy talented workers more quickly.

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