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Simulator Development

US Department of Defense makes big investment in simulator development

By April 23rd, 2012No Comments

The United States Department of Defense is looking toward simulators to train armed forces members on protocol, equipment and combat scenarios. Defense Professional News reports that the DoD invested $13.72 billion in training and simulators in 2012 and this is particularly important as companies look at world defense markets, particularly when it comes to modernizing military forces in Latin America, that number is likely to increase.

The Navy has received the highest allocation for aircraft simulator development training. The Department of Defense plans to further integrate live and simulator-based training over the next decade, and will be adapting cutting edge technologies as they become available. Armed forces simulator training serves to replicate combat conditions, allowing operatives to increase performance and improve decision making protocols.

Combat personnel returning from active service are also seeing benefits after using simulators upon their return home. The technology being employed by military medics to help soldiers diagnosed with PTSD cope with the disorder.

Civilian businesses can take the lead from military officials and integrate simulators into standard training procedures, and custom software development can help companies integrate a variety of platforms.

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