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Use eLearning development to bolster seasonal skills

By February 6th, 2012No Comments

Some areas of expertise don't go out of season and are constantly applicable either at the workplace or in daily life. Most employees will therefore not have to worry about learning different kinds of skills or techniques during different times of year. Their jobs carry on as usual no matter what page the calendar is on. Unfortunately, this puts added stress on companies that aren't so lucky.

For example, jobs that involve cold weather and snow might need to add more training on top of standard classes and instruction during the winter. People who work on mountains may need to understand what can cause avalanches. Truck drivers will need to know how to navigate icy streets. Even child care workers will have to be particularly careful when bringing children outside when the temperature is below freezing.

One way to counteract this kind of problem is to add custom software development learning to all training regimens in cold weather. That way, most of the year can be spent mastering the tasks associated with the subjects at hand. When winter rolls around, additional programs and applications can be used to give further instruction and ensure safety when employees are confronted with more challenging conditions.

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