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Use eLearning programs to develop soft skills in workers

By January 19th, 2012No Comments

The aims of workplace training efforts usually focus on the acquisition of hard skills. This means companies want their personnel to learn certain specific tasks, whether they're the sort that allow complex machinery to be operated or they simply describe the best pattern for attending a large number of patients in the heatlhcare industry. However, there are other important talents that need to be cultivated among employees.

Soft skills are at least as important to companies as explicit ones are. These abilities encompass things such as strong work ethics, good time management skills and general problem solving. An eLearning development course can be very effective at bringing these qualities out in many different workers, either directly or subtly.

For example, when eLearning programs force workers to collect achievements and complete challenges or tests, they'll be encouraged to fully master every element of their training regiments. The desire to have everything done by the end of training is very strong and will teach workers that deep work ethics will be useful to them when they're finally finished being trained and move on to their full time work.

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